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Last Valentine

She was doing her dishes when she "heard her phone ringing, washed her hands while wiping them, and the phone disconnected."She called back and said, "Auntie, sorry, it got disconnected."

However, from the other side, she said, "I'm Nikhil, not Auntie," and remained silent for a few seconds before the other side said hello.

Oh yeah, hello, how are you? He said I’m good; I got the best job in the country, which I always wanted, and I'm celebrating Valentine’s Day with my parents. And I missed you today, so Mom asked me to call you.

You know what, Nilam? My parents really love you. They love you more than me.

She didn’t know whether to be happy or sad—or to say goodbye to the man who kept disappearing and coming back from nowhere!

But she was eager to hear him because she wanted to learn more about him and see if she truly meant anything in his life.

While he was driving back home from his parents, she kept listening to him talk about his job and his struggles over the last two years.

She forgot about her dishes, her chores, and the rest of the work. She kept giggling, laughing, talking, and joking the way they used to do before. He parked his car and said, "You know, I bought a car for you." Whenever you are in town, please stay at home. It doesn’t matter whether I’m at home or not; keep the keys."

He opened the door, entered, sat on the sofa, and expressed his desire to see her. He said, "I'm leaving for the United States tomorrow for a month. I'll be busy, but I want you to know I realised you and my parents are my own people. Even if I don't or can't contact you, you'll always be in my heart."

The phone got disconnected. The next day, she received a package containing various coloured chocolates, along with the note, "You're like these chocolates in my life; you brought colors and taste both."I’ll always love you.

Yours forever


And she never heard from him again, maybe some stories need more time to come to an end, or they are just complete but incomplete.



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