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Heal Tokyo-Heal indIA

Heal Tokyo/India is a socially motivated movement focusing on the core problems of work related stress and lack of education services in Japan and India respectively, Yoga has been one of the ways to address this issue along with fund raising to provide with infrastructure support to the needy. Nupur teaches Yoga across companies, public places, university campuses and international events, and also holds motivational sessions without charging the participants anything at various places in Japan.

The participants immensely feel physically and mentally rejuvenated through yoga and meditation techniques, and offer to contribute generously on their own for other charitable causes of the foundation.

Staying in Japan for the last 15 years, Nupur Tewari has evolved to become a multifaceted personality and finds her roots in India where she plans to set up healing center across the country.

Over the past many years, the internationally-acclaimed Nupur has established her identity as a well-known yoga specialist & trainer as well as a motivational speaker. She graduated in Tourism and Travel Management with top grades from the prestigious University of Calcutta. Nupur owns the honour of working with international agencies across India and Japan, both.

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Japan is a traditional society where elders are often taken care of at home. An advance economy the government takes care of living and food for those who don' have it. Regardless of this some still are left out and need help. We found a few of these in Tokyo and offered what we could 

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Nupur Tewari distributes food among homeless people in Tokyo as a part of Heal Tokyo’s charity program

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Food and blanket distribution at peak December cold in Jharkhand in 2019


Adding similes to the ones who are cared the least. Books, tables, stationary distribution in schools in Orrisa

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Nupur Tiwari With former Ambassador of India to Japan and the Jetro chief of India Mr. Suzuki.

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Catching them young. Meenakshi world school in Gurgaon experienced what Yoga can do to human psychology. The idea behind these sessions in just to teach physical yoga but to bring about a transformation in personality that finally will cause a harmonious society

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Fit India Movement helped many manage joblessness, depression, lack of resources in times of lockdown and after that. We created special programs for people at home and one's without it, working towards their physical and mental fitness. PM Modi has acknowledged efforts made by the organisation

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Art and yoga go very well in shaping innocent minds. Study and notebook distribution in rural schools in Bihar

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HealTokyo is distributing food to the homeless in Tokyo today. Empathy can be described as the ability to identify, understand, and share the feelings of another person. Unlike pity, which implies a sense of judgment, empathy is about non-judgment. Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself. To be truly empathetic, we must cultivate the ability to step down and meet someone wherever they are at.

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Being an unofficial ambassador to Japan, Nupur has helped add to the fitness of Japanese through yoga sessions. Her work between the two countries has helped her win awards from PHD chamber of commerce, SBI foundation, Global Mice 


It is important to teach what you master. Many Japanese have have taken the chance to learn yoga improving their life in ways more than one. Being primarily a Buddhist country yoga is perceived well and understood in ways beyond physical exercise


Having touched the deepest pockets in Bihar, Jharkhand and Haryana, the the foundation made its roots in Punjab as well. We find the problems and solve them

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