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Who am I?


Haunted me since I was 4, searching for the answer made me different from other girls.  Didn’t like the usual life much, looked something beyond that, believed in quality, trust and dedication. I wasn’t ready to be happy with usual life neither wanted to settle down with that! The idea of beyond made me leave home against everyone's wishes.


A shy village girl with traditional upbringing without a mentor stepped in urban jungle where she didn’t know anyone. Today the woman is considered an Indian Influencer, Philanthropist, Socialite and a Yoga Guru!


That's the beginning!

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My Story

Early Days

Nupur Tewari, who was born and raised in a small village in West Bengal, has since then worked hard to achieve what she has today. Living in a remote village, she had her share of adversities, but what sets her apart is how she turned the adversities into lifelong lessons that would become the future foundation of her success and knowledge.

Living in a village she walked four kilometres to school every day, and studied under the dim glow of kerosene lamps, as the village did not have electricity. To Nupur, learning the English language was a struggle. We would certainly not realise these hardships when we witness her flawlessly interview best in the class celebrities from all over the globe

The New Days

Having worked her way up, Nupur is now a motivational speaker, a spiritual healer, a philanthropist, a performance coach and a yoga instructor. She now lives in Tokyo, Japan with her husband and daughter, and takes on life with a smile.

One of her first jobs was in a hospitality company based out of Kolkata. This in ways helped her find her footing, exposed her to a diverse world and gave her hope for a better future. Next in line for her was an opportunity with Mitsubishi, in the land of rising sun, Japan. This was turning point in her life, something that metamorphosed her into a new being.

Japan became Nupur’s second home. The rich and welcoming culture gave her a sense of belonging in the country. Nupur soon became very active in incorporating the Indian culture into the Japanese lives at the International Centre.

Nupur would often organise events to bridge the gap between India and Japan

Nupur’s efforts in representing India in Japan soon earned her the title of ‘Unofficial Ambassador of Japan’.

In 2015, the country encountered the Kumamoto earthquake, devastating a large area in Kyushu. The people were distressed as many lost their homes and livelihood.

“Japan changed my life, and I knew I had to give something back,” she says. “The country didn’t need money, but needed healing, and that was exactly what I could provide.”

Nupur began free yoga sessions and counselling en masse to help the grief-stricken crowds. Every session had a voluntary donation box into which anyone could contribute, all of which would be directed towards rehabilitation.

This organisation is helping women artisans find their inner entrepreneurs during coronavirus


The birth of a future: HealTokyo and HealIndia

In 2017, with the increasing suicide rates and the overtly anxious atmosphere in Tokyo, Nupur established the HealTokyo movement to help ease the suffering with free yoga and counselling sessions.

In 2018, she extended her efforts into her motherland through ‘HealIndia’, starting with the adoption of a school in Aligarh.

With the funds from HealTokyo, she renovated the school, which is now a place for with brightly coloured walls and happy faces. She provides the students with all the necessary stationery, books, and uniforms.

“I want to empower the youth,” Nupur says. “Even though many people think of financial empowerment, I make it a point to emphasise mental health and give them the confidence to realise their own potential.”

Nupur’s efforts were recognised by the United Nations, which appointed her to help many countries like Sri Lanka and Africa mentally recover from the devastating effect of floods.

Tewari’s efforts have been recognised by the United Nations, and the philanthropist has received recognition for her efforts from The Womanity Foundation by SBI, Global MICE, India Star Book of Records, and The Nargis Dutt Foundation, among many others.

To tide over these difficult times, Nupur offers free and paid online sessions for all those who are isolated within their homes. The money that is raised from these sessions will go directly to the PM-CARES fund.

Plans for the future

“Through HealIndia, I want to have a space where I can take care of underprivileged children and elderly people,” says Nupur. “From food and lodging, to their empowerment – I want to make sure that these children feel no less than the others.”

Nupur wants to introduce the Japanese way of learning in these schools, the roots of which lie in self-empowerment – from cleaning their rooms to polishing their shoes, training to be self-sufficient.

Another important mission that Nupur looks forward to is starting a healing session for prisoners, with the obvious fact that they must be going through a tough time as well. She has taken efforts through her own contacts, but in vain. She wants to go ahead with the plan on a larger scale.

The Nupur Tewari Show

The show showcases who's who of the world. Business part of the show called the The Nupur Tewari Business Show features top businessmen, corporate leaders and personalities from the business world. Nupur is now considered an Indian Influencer in Japan.

The show has a part that is dedicated to highlighting women who fought odds and have come out of them successfully. The show also helps women in distress for reasons liked to government, people, relatives etc.

The Nupur Tewari People Show as a part of the main show focusses on musicians, defense personnel, celebrities, achievers and other people who may be source of inspiration to many

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