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Remebering my past when i saw the future

February 25th, 2020

On this day I made my 50th trip to India. Sitting beside a cold window, I scanned everything around me. Everything looked happy because deep inside I felt pretty content. But there are stories to think of, stories to talk about.

One incidence fresh in my wires and reminiscent almost every other day is of the time when I was a 17-year-old small town girl. A rich guy from my town wanted to marry me, tried everything to convince me and my family but we weren’t too keen. Unsuccessful at forging a relationship he spread rumours of us being in a relationship.

Flustered by the continuous trickle of events, my peace-loving and traditional family decided to relocate me to my grandparents’ house soon after my 12th standard exams. This would keep me away from his pervy eyes and give him a little time to possibly get over it. The fear of being kidnapped, stalked even killed was real and thought of the same overwhelming and unsettling.

Exams were over and as planned I was moved away to my grandparents’ house till the results came through. Results were out 3 months later and I was called back home hoping to live a safe and quiet life.

On one of those afternoons when the town was soaked in a siesta, my restless feet ventured out to meet a friend. My family was away for a wedding and I wanted to make the best of this little independence I had. My feet were swift and my mind lost in thoughts, merrily striding up the lane I suddenly froze to the sight of the same lecherous man, waiting on his bike. I tried taking and a detour, but it did not work, knowing that my voice may not reach any ears at this time of the day I decided to hit back this time. I raised my pitch, almost screaming, intimidating in every way, threatened him with a report to the police and reprisal by the local strongmen. He was unaffected neither by my pitch nor by the threat. He was possibly stronger than all of them together.

Sensing danger I grabbed a breath and took on my toes to the larger street almost visible to me from where I was. Before I could reach the spot, he followed me and with a thud pushed me into the large drain that ran parallel to the street. With no support or the chance to get my balance I fell into the dirty drain, soaked in sewerage. To my luck, a woman close by who saw the incidence screamed telling him to wait till she got her. Sensing trouble and possibly a mob that she could gather he ran away.

The lady scooped me out of the place, helped me clean up and get back home. The fear and the anger after the incidence confused me, scared me but also strengthened me. It did not take me long to decide to head over to file a complaint with the police. We decided not to wait for the family to return, I was accompanied by my cousin to the police station.

To our surprise the police denied registering the case. I sensed that he was not lying, the man definitely was someone. The police mocked us, threatened us and even dissuaded us from filing the report. Determined to not take it hands down we decided to refer the case to the Superintendent of Police. The Superintendent was not immediately available but was expected anytime in the evening. It was still early afternoon but nonetheless we decided to wait. As hours clocked the anger in me only grew stronger, planning to nail this man one way or the other. The boss of the station finally turned up at 8PM. Strangely all this while, while we waited my extended family refused to help. They did not want to get into matters that involved the police. The superintendent heard us briefly and asked us to join him in his chamber. Once there I poured out every bit of me making sure I missed out nothing. His demeanour and voice were reassuring, encouraging us to talk even more. Once I was done with my narration, the officer ordered the man to be summoned to the police station. While we waited for him to be brought in, we signed on the FIR. Glad and confident of legal action, we waited for this criminal to be brought to book. A few minutes later the criminal was shoved into the premises. Police announced to him about his arrest based on my FIR. Angered but still smiling he bent forward to even threaten the police. The police did not look very resilient, almost submissive and helpless. The SP at this point interfered and almost dragged him into the cell. On being asked to apologise for his deeds, he proudly shot back saying that the SP must be out of wit to arrest him for a small village girl. This enraged me like never before, I shot back immediately almost inches away from his face I screamed “You’re right, I come from a village, but this is just the transit. I’ll be around the world (two name came in my head Singapore and Tokyo) and you were born here and will die here too!”

A while later we were dropped home to safety.

I don’t know if he dead or alive, but I have travelled across the globe and have lived in Singapore and settled in Japan. My life was not my plan. There is a universe watching you, thinking about you and planning for you. Just keep doing the right things



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