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My man is a soldier! #pulwama

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

She wasn’t ready to marry an army officer. She had dreams to fly but her marriage was arranged with a major of Indian Army.

On the other hand he joined NDA at 18 after sainik school, saw girls from far, didn’t have much privilege or luxury to know girls or women instead became a dedicated soldier. A bit boring as well.

They saw each other, two people from very different backgrounds and interest as well. She speaks, he listens. He’s nervous, little hesitant to ask questions. Ending up calling her ma’am. She gave him those looks a few times, boy, we are talking about marriage, call me by my name. Oh poor guy, he’s a soldier.

Witty Ankita asks so Nirvaan, you’re used to with taking orders, right? Would you mind if I do that too? He smiled, a shy smile, put his head down. And said yes ma’am, you can order me through out the life. She burst into laughing, how boring you are, Nirvaaan. She said I’m a cabin attendant and i want to continue my career, do you have any problems? He smiled and said your career, you should decide.

Ankita liked the obedient Army officer. And they got married on January 25th. 25th the date she wanted as she feels 25th is the special date for her. They both are born on 25th in different month.

She was entering into a different world of Army, her barat was full of Army officers. Too much discipline which was suffocating her a bit though.

They are married now! She’s not in love but definitely like the guy she’s married with. For the reception they had to sit together, when she was taking the stairs he holds her hand with tight grip and looked at her the way he never did before she saw a lover in front of her, those eyes said you’re mine forever, had love, lust and affection too. was he the man I saw before? She was falling in love with the officer of the Indian Army.

She met many handsome men including pilots, had a few infatuation too but it’s something different which happens only when two souls meet eternally.

She couldn’t recognize the man she met a few weeks ago who she married as her parents wanted more than her, he’s not the man I met, I never read Kama sutra but I don’t think it can be more satisfying than the way this guy did to me, she thought.

She was exploring a different world where there was love, romance, lust

, courage and compassion. Every morning she had her coffee ready by him while honeymooning in Rajasthan. His touch was enough to seduce her, his courage was enough to fall for him and his moves were enough to ask for more!

She was in a dreamland.

Before her leave gets finished they decided to spend a few days in Kashmir where Nirvaan was posted. Kashmir she was seeing through his eyes and she was recreating the roja movie’s moments.

After dinner when she was explaining how hot and amazing her Army husband is to her friend over phone, he wasn’t ready for giving them more time, her lips were locked by him other side kept saying hello hello…and then phone rings.February 14th Pulwama attack! You are no longer on leave, nation needs you now.

He was ready, while leaving he said “your husband is a soldier, nation is his first priority, everything comes second “.

Before she realizes anything he left,things were just like a movie.

Alone in kashmir! Doesn’t know anyone. Couldn’t call her parents neither his parents. Saw on TV about the attack. He didn’t come home at night… second day , not even on third day, he’s not back, she called her parents. His phone was unreachable through out. Tension was high. She didn’t know who to go? On 6th day she broke down, a newly married woman who comes from a non army family had a lot of reasons to give up and scream! Meanwhile she realized she’s in deeply love with the man who she married.

She started believing that something is wrong with him. Her parents couldn’t come there. She stopped eating … it’s still winter but she was wearing only a pajama, subconsciously opened the door and started walking, she had no idea where she was going? An army vehicle Stopped someone came out from that, picked her up and kissed her on the road “I’m back and all yours for tonight “ tomorrow I have to go again and you have to be ready to celebrate moment and life with me. Do you think you’re ready for that? She said yes with tears in her eyes! “My man is a soldier “!



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