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Transforming Life

Inner Transformation is about being at peace that is at the centre of matters, centre of material and spiritual life. It is not a static state but a dynamic one, adjusting to the realities of life, attending to the necessities but being calm and unmoved deep within.

You can experience inside-out coaching which enables you to experience a powerful shift in thinking and achieve a breakthrough in a 30 mins transformative conversation.

As you grow, inside and outside of you, look back at your journey, look at everything that has changed, socially, politically, geographically and in so many other ways, change is inevitable, and not easy to match steps with. Transforming oneself is even more difficult.

If you are in a corporate, running a leadership role, you must give up limiting habits to be more successful. Change in this case is critical for your personal success and the success of your company. Bringing such changes to one’s behaviour is tough, it requires giving up several decades of conditioning. A transformation coach gradually guides to step out of those set ideas and conditioning, embracing possibilities that always existed but seemed impossible or unfriendly.

On a personal front one may have been struggling in marriage for years. Abandoning the structure that is called family was never an option, given the traditional mindset and conservative family values. Here the sufferer must consult a transformation coach to help you come to terms with the altered reality.

Losing a partner can be devastating, coming to terms may take many years and the process may remain incomplete till the end. A transformation coach helps you push boundaries, look beyond what you know and step out to embrace happiness and leave the pain of the past behind

Traumas from the past like abuse, rape, murder, early loss of parents can feel like a shadow following all the time. Transformation coaching helps the person come to terms with that difficult part of life and bloom with that weight off the shoulders now.

Nupur started her sessions with university students. These students are just the right candidate, vulnerable and raw, if approached correctly, the lessons learnt during the session can go a long way in shaping actions that will bring about favourable outcomes. She has successfully taken more than 2000 sessions and has numerous success stories to talk about. She has been awarded many times for her contribution to society.


School of Business Mody University


KIET conclave, the best engineering college in UP

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Changing lives through session “Ikitai to Ikigai” to help them finding their purpose of life. It was amazing taking session at the one of the biggest universities in Japan “Juntendo university “.


Corporate Training


Vishwakarma Skills University

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A transformational mindfulness program based on Japanese Ikigai and Indian yogic philosophy done at the Juntendo University in Tokyo. It’s first its kind of a self awareness program in Japan. Students got awareness of the purpose of their lives.

Nupur Tewari

Transformation session for the professors at Shri Vishwakarma Skill University. This is India’s first government skill university which was established in 2016. Students and professors enjoyed the session alike


Early Morning Yoga classes at a Buddhist Temple in Japan

Client's & Student's Share Experience

Mody University Session
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Students Speak
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Students Speak
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